Founded in 1943, the Department of Architecture has pursued a mission of educating future architects and practitioners to demonstrate the highest integrity in their professional responsibilities; to meet challenges with intellect and creativity; and to nurture an open-minded curiosity for the world. These qualities, cultivated through rigorous engagement with the discipline of architecture, prepare our graduates for accomplishment in subsequent endeavors, including research, academia, employment in the field of architecture, or employment in varied industries such as real estate development, advertising, film or any number of competitive sectors. The analytical and creative profiles of Chulalongkorn’s graduates in architecture recommend them highly to the most selective employers nationally and internationally.

The Department of Architecture’s greatest strength is experience and diversity of its faculty and staff. The breadth of the department’s collective knowledge is reflected in selection of degree programs on offer, including: History and Theory of Architecture; Architectural and Urban Conservation; Architectural and Environmental Technology; Building Technology and Construction; Architectural Management; Computer Aided Architectural Design; Thai Architecture; and Architecture. The bachelor’s degree curricula for Architecture and Thai Architecture have been endorsed by the Architect Council of Thailand.

Each degree program balances mastery of theoretical material with sound design execution. Topics and guiding questions for each course are continually refined and updated in order to integrate the most thought-provoking issues in contemporary life.

Students choose the Department of Architecture at Chulalongkorn University for its academic rigor, its impact on Thai architectural progress and its strategic relationships with respected institutions and companies. For these reasons, Chulalongkorn’s undergraduate architecture school has always been ranked highly. A superior education, however, is more than the fulfillment of degree requirements. The Department of Architecture organizes meaningful resources and experiences to complement core coursework so that personal development and growth is also the focus of a student’s undergraduate years.


The CU libraries

The library system at Chulalongkorn University is one of the most comprehensive university library networks in Thailand, with 45 individual libraries spread across 16 schools. CU’s reference databases cover a variety of online/full-text subscriptions and free sponsored databases with user guides in Thai, provided on the campus network to current students, faculty, and staff of Chulalongkorn University. Digital libraries of academic journals and books include ACM, ACS, JSTOR, ProQuest, and ScienceDirect, among others. In addition, the Architecture library has current subscriptions to international design and architecture journals including ‘A’A’, AD, AR, JA, L’ARCA, and JSAH.M


The Department of Architecture invites all students to apply for a variety of scholarships to subsidize their expenses at the university. Scholarship opportunities include teaching assistant scholarships, research assistant scholarships and thesis assistance scholarships, among others

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Global collaborations, global travel

The Department of Architecture has forged close partnerships with respected institutions around the world and regularly organizes academic exchanges and workshops for Chulalongkorn students with partners abroad or hosts international students from those schools in our programs here in Bangkok. These relationships have allowed our students to travel to participate in programs organized by schools such as the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London (AA); Tunghai University, Taiwan; Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto; and Waseda University, Tokyo.

Campus Life

A highlight of the academic year is the Architecture Revue, evenings of theater, music and satire organized by students in the architecture school that have proved immensely popular within the university at large and won acclaim beyond Chulalongkorn, inspiring imitations in the architecture departments of other universities. For the past 30 years, these productions at the Chulalongkorn Department of Architecture have united the student community and solidified camraderie between students and faculty.