BArch Program in Thai Architecture


Founded in 1996, the BArch Program in Thai Architecture was conceived as a learning laboratory for the scholarship and research of Thai architectural traditions. The objective of the program is to introduce future architectural professionals to the elements of Thai building design and construction not only for the purposes of conservation but also for the innovation of new architectures that meld old techniques and new technologies in revealing and creative ways. The curriculum for the BArch Program in Thai architecture follows a similar course of study as the BArch Program in Architecture. Once second year standing has been achieved, students branch off into a concentration in Thai architecture, with separate required courses and engagement in a dissertation project. Approximately 12 students are accepted into the program per year.


The BArch Program in Thai Architecture is structured as a five-year professional program. In order to fulfill all program requirements, students must complete 177 credits throughout their tenure in the program and satisfy the following course of study:

A. General Studies

Foreign Languages
12 credits

Mathematics and Sciences
3 credits

Sociological sciences
3 credits

3 credits

Interdisciplinary studies
3 credits

General studies
6 credits

B. Requisite Courses

Architectural Designs and Theories
65 credits

Design Fundamentals
23 credits

Technologies and Constructions
29 credits

Other supporting courses
21 credits