The symbol of the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University is the ornamental knob of the Thai column, known as hua med. It was drawn by Dr. Pinyo Suwankiri, the National Artist in Visual Arts (Architecture). A more recent graphic representation, emphasizing the outline of the letter “A,” is derived from the tip of the hua med.

The Department of Architecture is committed to educating scholars and professionals to approach architecture and its allied disciplines with intellect, imagination and attentiveness to the environmental, cultural, economic and social interrelationships that generate the built environment. The school works to achieve this by pursuing excellence in teaching; innovation in research; a dedication towards the preservation of Thailand’s artistic traditions; and an engagement with the communities in which we work.Students at all degree levels pursue a course of study enriched by a rotation of disciplines complementary to the practice of architecture, including environmental science, materials science, engineering, and construction. Competence in the technics of architecture is balanced by the cultivation of adaptive problem solving, diverse aesthetic perspectives, and fluency in both local and global discourses. Foremost among the department’s objectives is the encouragement of intellectual growth beyond academics. We stress leadership, accountability and respect in action and dialogue and promote civic participation as a duty of the architectural professions.