Restaurant Lighting Design Projects

2501618 Lighting Studio Design in Architecture

by Associate Professor Phanchalath Suriyothin
La-orchai Boonpiti and Maez Bhucharoen
(guest lecturers and critics)
Nopporn Sakulwigitsinthu (guest lecturer)
MArch and MSc in Architecture

1. To research techniques and strategies in restaurant lighting design
2. To practice lighting design in a restaurant context (using SCG as a case study)
3. To understand the process involved in a lighting design project from start to finish

Context and Foundations:
Restaurants are a familiar daily experience for many students. For this reason, they present an ideal environment in which to analyze and apply the fundamental strategies of lighting design.

Process and Outcomes:
1. Conduct research into and review texts on restaurant design, in order to establish project guidelines
2. Design a lighting scheme for a restaurant, using SCG as a model for one of the schematic components; establish an identity for the restaurant, selecting theme and style and corresponding materials, color palette, and other elements; produce images and drawings to aid presentation and sharing of ideas
3. Present design and lighting concept that adheres to selected themes and styles; present lighting plan showing placement of all lighting elements, including overhead lighting, lamps, chandeliers and sconces
4. Produce design mock ups that may involve individual lighting components or materials, color palette or other decorative elements
5. Understand the documentation requirements of a lighting plan

1. Design concept (7-12 June)
2. Presentation of technical design elements by use of sketches, CAD drawings, or mock ups of light objects and/or the lighting installation plan (to scale); these materials will serve as drafts or guidelines in the development of the final presentation (12-17 June)
3. Design documentation materials, including lighting scheme in plan, axonometric and section views and lighting installation plan (17-21 June)
4. Produce documentation for luminaire specification, load schedule, etc. (21-26 June)
5. Produce a mock up for the final presentation at SCG (28 June)

1. Real world application and adaptability of the design concept
2. Dedication to the project
3. Completion of all required deliverables
4. Fulfilment of all deadlines