Art Gallery & Clubhouse

2501218 Architectural Design 3

Course 2501218 Architectural Design 3 focuses on the design of commercial and recreational structures of no more than 1000 m2 and a height no greater than 15 meters. Students will experiment with techniques in architectural design, paying particular emphases on design detailing, developing design concepts responsive to the characteristics of a tropical climate, working with structural elements of reinforced concrete and integrating all these considerations in a unified design scheme.

Exercise 1: Final term, 2013
Art Gallery

The purpose of this course is the development of critical thinking skills in architectural programming and mastery of the technical requirements of architectural documentation. Students will work on a design concept for am urban public exhibition venue of modest size with a clear central space that can accommodate a variety of activities. Emphases will be placed on site and structural planning work and developing a strong architectural identity for the

project. Objects and programs to be exhibited include paintings, prints, sculpture, video and mixed media works. The venue should also function as an educational space highlighting the importance of the arts in civic life.

Exercise 2: Final term, 2013
Krung Kavee Golf Club Clubhouse

The objective of this exercise is to apply critical thinking in the development of a scheme for a small, two-story structure that will service as a meeting and relaxation place for a members-only association. The structure should accommodate all functions relevant to the day-to-day operations of an athletic clubhouse while simultaneously hosting a restaurant and other leisure facilities. Students will be asked to document and present a clear spatial scheme that will support a diversity of functions while bringing aesthetic character to the site and promoting the Krung Kavee hospitality brand.



From above to below, these Krung Kavee Golf Club Clubhouse projects are designed by Anan Archawuth, Premyuda Amritchatchaval and Tongfah Jarurattanapron.