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Course 2501318 Architectural Design 5

Course 2501318 Architectural Design 5 focuses on the design of a mid-sized public building of no more than 2000 m2 and a height no greater than 23 meters. Learning outcomes for the course will include refinement of conceptual drawings, architectural documentation, a clear understanding of climate-responsive design development, a clear understanding of the properties and design potential of reinforced concrete, the functional programmatics for a mid-sized building and presentation skills.

Issue 1: Second Term: Academic Year 2013
Home Buyers Guide Co., Ltd. Office

The objective of this exercise is the spatial analysis and design of a mid-sized office building housing

public, semi-public and private zones of activity. A portion of the floor space will be allocated towards public or semi-public functions, such as the reception area and entrance lobby. Employees and visitors access a greater range of interior spaces, including general offices, departmental offices (sales, PR, etc.), meeting spaces, and specialized spaces (i.e. storage, centralized building systems). In addition to proposing the harmonious spatial distribution of these various activities and functions, students will also evaluate the building’s circulatory systems and its structural integrity, and propose appropriate construction methodologies. All these components will advance a design proposal that is aesthetically balanced and rigorous in fulfilling the programmatic needs of the company.


Images drawn by Natthanang Kongakaradecha. Natthanang envisions the ‘cloud working’ space that behaves unlike the typical office buildings where the maximisation of workstations is the norm. Flexibility and mobility of users are the keys to increase the pleasurable experience of working in Bangkok. Cafe, roof garden and library are the proposed programs in order to think about the formality and the informality of opened plan office.