La Pâtisserie House

2501216 Architectural Design 2

Course 2501216 (Architectural Design 2) emphasizes the design of a residential building and a small-scale public building of no more than 1,000 m2 and with a height of no more than 15 meters. In developing project proposals, students will have the opportunity to deepen their skills in: applying design fundamentals; intersecting structural engineering principles with design concepts; the research and analysis of context and precedents; the grouping of functional components within a unified program; creating spatial meaning in the interplay of dedicated and circulatory spaces; and the design of interiors for user comfort and well-being.

Issue 2: First Term: Academic Year 2013 La Pâtisserie House

The objective of this project is to research and design a small-scale residential structure that also houses a baking school and pâtisserie. The dimensions of the structure, which will be located within an urban district, must be no more than 1,000 m2 and of a height no greater than 15 meters. Students must consider: the site plan; the programmatic and spatial requirements of the overlapping activities (residential, commercial baking); sympathies or tensions between the two activities that may be used to guide formal architectural interpretation; and aspects of ecological design, which makes the case for the intelligent and economical usage of materials and resources and design elements that work in concert with the environment to promote energy efficiency and/or conservation.