Single-story dwelling

2501117 Architectural Design 1

Course 2501117 Architectural Design 1 is the foundational course in architectural design for undergraduates and will examine how formal components, proportions and human behavior affect the design of a small dwelling of structural reinforced concrete and a wood framed roof. Students will focus on developing critical skills in contextual site planning, efficient interior spatial programming and refining design aesthetics.

Exercise 1: Final term, 2013

Single-story dwelling with reinforced concrete structure

The purpose of this course is the application of critical spatial thinking in the conceptual design of a small, single-story residence approximately 150 m2 in area. Students will be asked to present design strategies that take into account user behaviors and lifestyles, human proportions, local climate conditions, and suitable construction materials and methods. Project deliverables will include drawings, plans and an architectural model.



From above to below, these one-story dwellings are designed by Pienporn Jarapakorn, Kasarin Naipongprasit and Tnat Chantrachirathumrong.